Knowing too much; understanding too little.

Why do people love to know about things that don’t matter to them?

I am a private person. I don’t like people to know everything about me. I like to keep things to myself. Its as if I don’t have any problems in the world; even if I am facing a challenging time in life. I think life will be much simpler when we don’t share too much information about ourselves to others.

As much as I don’t like to share everything about myself, I don’t like to know so much about others too. I mean, of course, I am interested to know about people who are close to me, but I never feel the need to know too personal stuff, unless the person decided to tell me.

Imagine someone starts the conversation like this:

“Have you heard about Siti? How much did she earned? How is it possible for her to drive an Audi? Oh she married a rich man, but he’s too old for her.”


” How old is she already? I bet she’s over 30. Poor her, nobody wants her. Well, I know she has a career but doesn’t she want to get married? She shouldn’t be too fussy in getting a guy!”

I am always a little too bewildered sometimes with these kind of people. They seem to be so interested in other people’s lives, but not because they care but just for the sake of knowing (I guessed).

Sometimes, curiosity tricked me too. Sometimes I listen to or participate in those kinds of gossiping to blend in or socializing. But at the end of the day, I felt bad for doing it. When people start gossiping now, I will try to brush off the conversation with a positive insight or try to change the topic.

Its too easy for us to make conclusion or judgment towards someone’s life. I am sure we only know the surface. If we have too little knowledge about something, its best for us to not dive too deep. If we really care for our friend, we can always pray good things for them rather than talking about them.

I hate the fact that nowadays its really normal for us to gossip about someone. I mean its fine to know their updates and all the good stuff. But its best to keep conversation minimal that way, not going too deep into their personal matters.

We have to learn to limit ourselves not to seek beyond what people are willing to share. Lets say our friend never share the picture of her husband, hinder yourself from jumping into any assumptions like their marriage is falling apart. Some people even dare to personally ask things like “where is your husband? I never see you post your husband pics? Are both of you okay?” and whatnot. We should all know our boundaries and make sure we respect other people’s boundaries.

Always remember that ‘Curiosity always killed the cat.’

Love always,

Liyana Zulfakar


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