Listen, don’t speak.

A talker or a listener, which one are you?

Your throat have been itching to speak and tell a friend about the great holiday you had recently , but your friend doesn’t seem interested to listen. They keep looking at other places, not making eye contact and try to change the topic. Does that situation sounds familiar?

Sometimes its a disappointment when someone doesn’t show interest in what you have to say.

Some people are a talker, and some, a better listener. A talker usually likes to dominate conversation, always have a story to tell. Most talker are not afraid of judgement and/ or to express their mind.

A listener on the other hand, prefer to listen most of the time. They don’t feel the need to share everything about their life. They are more private and secretive person. They only speak only when it’s necessary or when it feels awkward not to.

However, do you think that the listener doesn’t like to talk and having fun doing JUST listening? Maybe not.

An article from The Wall Street Journal mentioned that :

“ Listening is like reading a corporate report and talking is like eating a cinnamon bun.”

Yes. That nice creamy cinnamon bun you always had in Cinnabon.

Thus, a full filling and fun conversation between two person (or more) should be a two-way conversation where both parties are able to talk and share their mind. Some people may prefer to just keep quiet, but not because they don’t have anything to say, but because the other party cut off all (or almost) chances for them to talk.

Next time you are in a conversation with a “listener” , try to ask questions and give them space to talk. Be more patient to listen to what they have to say. You may be surprise with their ideas and what they have in mind. No matter how willing someone to listen to everything you have to say, they too will get exhausted if they are only just— LISTEN.

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