Don’t STOP, just pause.

5R (reasons) to take a break; NOT because you are lazy.

We live and work in a competitive world where results and achievements matters. “You Only Live Once” so people say, so there are no time to waste to achieve any goals you have set. But, lets just be honest. No one can work the whole year without a break. Being persistent and consistent towards achieving our goals are great, but we need to listen to our body and be aware of exhaustion. No one can live without water, and no one can live without sleep.

Take a break in between stressful working months. Go for a vacation in a nice hotel or enjoy the nature. Don’t think of taking a break as you being lazy. Some people feel guilty of enjoying the pleasure of life when we haven’t achieved our goals. In fact, its the opposite. In order  to achieve our goals, we need to have a break. I just had a great one night stay with my best friends on a short Thaipusam holiday. Here’s 5R (reasons) why taking a break is so essential in our life.


Take a step back, for a step forward. Remember that if we keep moving forward without looking back, we might be doing the same mistake twice. Once in a while, take a step back and rewind. Take notes on your mistake and work on improving it.

2. Refresh

In order for our mind to operate at its maximum capacity, it is needed for it to have a rest. Our body needs food to live, our mind needs rest. Creativity needs to be instill through what we see and experience. Therefore, a routine work will not polish our mind to be more creative. The mind needs a break from the routine for it to think out of the box and achieve better ideas.

3. Reset

I think its important for us to reset our focus in order to achieve our goals. The world has a lot of temptations that distract us away from our core. Taking a break, even for a while will allow us to rest our game plan and know ways to improve. Be it our business goals or personal one, its good to be reviewing our plan, and refocus.

4. Redeem

If you are like me, who has a “high-functioning anxiety” (I am not really sure if I do. I just diagnosed myself haha), you know how hard it is to please yourself. I am my own hindrance towards the things I want to achieve. I overthink and over-analyse every little things. Everything that happened around me, makes me traumatized and makes me scared of the future. If you are someone like me, you would understand the struggle to get by everyday. I feel that I need to redeem the struggle I have fighting my anxiety by taking a break.

5. Recharge

Many wouldn’t understand someone with introversion. Friends may think that we are a snob. We turn down many invitations for a coffee just because we feel tired of socializing. A day full of activities exhaust me and I need to recharge by being on my own or with people I am comfortable with. Even if you are and extrovert, you surely will still be exhausted by interacting with different people with different opinions day by day. Its great to be able to recharge ourselves, reflecting and relaxing to  stabilize our mind and emotions.


My short getaway ended with myself feeling refreshed and happy. It instill a happy emotions in me that makes me feel good about life. So take a break, go for a hike in the nature, have a good cup of coffee while it rains and read a good book. Play tourist and explore your local holiday spot you never knew existed. Stop with whatever you are doing now, and plan your break now.

*** My good friend Aishah invited me to write about this topic. So this is my take on it. Check out her blog at

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