Keep on talking

I could hear people talking from here. I am looking outside, and people are looking in. That guy is gossiping about his friend being an assh*** like he is not. Maybe he is a better assh*** than his friends is. Who knows.

People like to talk about other people, I honestly don’t get it. What if we talk about the moon, and how pretty it is at night. Skyscrapers or historical buildings and who design it. How great people are at designing things. How great God is to create such a perfect creature called human.

We can also talk about the recent technology. Or share your struggle raising four kids and making breakfast everyday. There are many things to talk about other than talking bad about people like you are the greatest person on earth.
Well, that guy is wearing a white shirt. I think it looks nice on him. He will look dapper maybe with a smile.

Maybe its the first time he talks about his friend the assh***. Maybe he has been so patient all this time.

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