When the world said hello.


You cried the moment you breathe the air for the first time. Was it hard to breathe? Did it hurt? Did you cry because your surrounding wasn’t as familiar as it was 9 months ago? Did it scare you that you are not in your safe place anymore? You are now out to a totally new place. From a warm and comfy womb to a world of no boundaries. Were you sad? Leaving behind a 9 months memory in that small space where you grow. But I could almost possibly confirmed that you were not so delightful having to come out from the womb. If not, you probably wouldn’t have cried.

We all said hello to the world with a cry. A loud one or a soft one. We all cried.

Its probably a friendly gesture to our mother, saying thank you for bringing us into the world. It could also be our first argument and objection for taking us out from our comfort zone. We had a great time in there! Now we have to carry all this worldly burden on our little shoulders. Can I refuse? Can we refuse?

Immediately after the world welcome us, we breathe anyway. Nobody told us how to breathe. Our lungs could just.. flow. We were never taught how to live, how to breathe, how to see, how to hold. We know it by heart. God keeps a memory chip in our head to program us how to live. So we live.

So its perfectly normal to cry a little when you are at a new place and starting a new life. Saying goodbye to your old self and make progress. Change is unpleasant at first. Change is always unpleasant initially. As we go through it and face it, we realized that we learn new things through change. We developed a better person and dreamed better dreams. You are what you are today through all the changes in your life. So lets just cry a little tear and change. Remember God keeps a memory chip in our head to program us how  to live. So lets just live.



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