A beautiful wait

Someone who always gets what they want, will never understand the beauty of patience and perseverance to get something. A ten year old boy from a poor family starved himself to keep his pocket money to buy a toy car he has been eyeing for months. He couldn’t contain his happiness to finally get to buy the toy he has always dreamed of through hard work, and patience of waiting. Waiting for the day he owned it. Waiting for the money to be sufficient.

The boy didn’t ask to God to be born in a poor family. Same goes to us, the entire meaning of our existence in this particular situation in our lives is beyond our thinking. We just need to walk through it.

In my younger years, I came across this sayings that goes :

“Good things come for those who wait.”

I do believe that saying,  probably not entirely but 60% from it. Its true, but waiting alone is never enough. There should be some hard work, optimism, focus, never-ending prayers and all in all, patience. A true believer always positive that God will grant them good things in life and if it is never meant to be, they sure believe that God will replace everything they never have in heaven.

The journey is never going to be easy. It is easy to write this post, it is easy to tell people to be strong, it is easy to say you feel their pain. What is not easy is to be someone in the situation.

Maybe you are tested with sickness, or maybe God doesn’t grant you a child, probably you are always short of cash, or is still single after many failed relationships. Maybe you are in an abusive relationship, or just lost someone really special. Everyone go through some tough times in life. Some choose to share it with the world but some just keep it close to their heart.

Always wait for a better day. Always have patience. Always keep on going. Always wake up and face your life.

Each day is a step closer for you to have what you need. Like the boy who wanted the toy car, you will be cured from your sickness, you will be granted a child, you will be rich, you will be married. You will be in a happier relationship and you will be fine without the special someone you have lost. Wait for the day for it to happen and even if it never happened, wait for the day when you are all happy and content with what you have.

Your waiting will be a beautiful journey if you appreciate everything in it.

Waiting for the sunrise.

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