Fly high

About a year ago, I decided to start a small business. I have been keeping my intention since I was still studying my degree. After I wore the hijab, it was hard to get something modest to wear. The skirts were all too short, jeans were all too skinny and t-shirts were all too body-hugging. And all the modest wear designs were all too ancient and not up-to-date. haha! It was easier before, I just usually put on a pair of jeans and a baby tee and off I go. It was pretty hard in the beginning, changing your style from a non-hijabi to a hijabi. But I did it for the sake of Allah, so never had I turn back. 😉

I usually will mix and match, a skinny jeans with a short dress, or a sleeveless with a long cardigan. Yes, cardigan was my favourite! Its just life-saving, wear it with sleeveless, short-sleeve or a sleeveless maxi dress.A short skirt can do wonders too, layer it on top of your jeans when your long-sleeve shirt is too short to cover your bottom. haha. Sometimes I can’t help to laugh hard thinking back of my fashion sense back then.

So, yeah.. I wanted to produce something fashionable for the hijabis to wear. I believe all women love to look good. Something that is modest, simple and yet elegant. I was later busy with work, and I just didn’t know how to start. Managed to find some guts finally, thanks to my sister constant critics of my “fear”. I have sort of spending a few good years searching my pace in the oil and gas industry but life was pretty much boring with the same routine. Eventually, I decided that I need some motivation and inspiration. I can’t just keep on going without something to look forward to in life. So I started, with the intention to try something new.

I started with zero business knowledge, if I had known, I would have started with gaining some first! hah! To cut it short, I just sort of dive without any parachute and I did fall quite hard. I always remember the sayings that its ok to fail as long as you take your first step. At least that’s what I told myself. Its been a year now, my business have not really booming, considering all the competition now exists in the islamic fashion industry. I have to admit that its not easy, other people will always have better and bigger ideas! I am not sure how the future will look like, but I have not given up. In fact, I am more motivated and positive nowadays!

In the end, I hope that all these experience will turn me into someone better, a better person, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend and someone better to inspire others!

hugs xx

Assalamualaikum. 😉





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