of the past, present and future 

I haven’t been writing here for ages. Its been a very lonely blog of mine these past few years. 

Years past by as if its only a week or two. Can’t believe myself my last post was two years back? 

I have reached an age where life isn’t a straight path anymore. I am on a junction I have to choose a way that can lead me to where I want, but I don’t know which way. I wasn’t given a detailed direction. I’ll have to have faith in myself and choose a way. If not, I will stucked here forever. Obviously I don’t want that.

I don’t wanna regret many years from now not starting something meaningful. Travel the world or start a business. Get married or chase a career. Be rich or get a master degree. Maybe I just ask too much without doing the real work. At least I make some baby steps didn’t I. haih.

Well, adult life surely not as easy as we thought when we were younger. 

Anyhow, All the best in life! 

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