speculating isn’t a good thing actually.

I want to be able to express my mind and be able to share my opinions without insecurity. I want to be someone that has a lot of brilliant ideas, which even a man would not ever thought of, and speak my mind without feeling inferior. I want to stand in front of a crowd, speak up without the drizzling butterfly flying in my chest, and without the shivering of my little hands.

I think I  have anxiety disorder.


  1. nurha

    hahahaa..sayang..you have lots of disorder heh?:P i want that too!~ but, sorry to say.Not much of it happening.But, you have a very good point there.*wink*

  2. nurha

    err..i mean, bukan i want “that” too..= disorders..i want to avoid those feelings too, but i guess its only human of us.hihi.*wink* again.

    1. Post

      err.. yea. i don’t know why. I feel like my self-confidence is declining day by day. you see, I can’t even kick a ball nowadays. or play badminton. or I can’t even give any opinions in the field. I feel like a total loser..

  3. aj

    me2 yana … but remember muslims must have outstanding izzah! that includes being firm in public …

    in time yana, in time…

    1. Post
  4. syepah

    anxiety disorder!!

    ehhehehe. i have that too last week.

    it’s not good. it affects your health as well.

    why don’t u go jogging or share it with ur good frens..u’ll release some stress.

    the chest tightness of anxiety disorder may loosen bit by bit.

    -dr. syarifah- =p

  5. a'ishah

    asha nak ckp, asha pun ade ade anxiety disorder. tp bile fikir balik, myb asha ni cume peer pressure. but yeah, i think that i have that too. but i don’t think ur that bad. ur quite confident and outstanding in public. u really are

  6. mao

    ooo..inilah feeling aku time grup field trip ngn ming yi 😀 haha. rase bodoh n takut. well.. umm. what i did was.. buat je bende yg kite rase the best bole tlg. if x dpt interpret. tlg sketch dgn terbaik.

    n yeah. jadi mcm nini. jgn takut nk tanye even the stupidest question. ure a rajin person. surely on the right path to final year success 😀

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