how i started blogging.

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.

I seriously kinda lost the ability to write. and I don’t know why. I keep on searching what to blog, just couldn’t find any interesting topic.

Well, the year is coming to an end now. It feels so fast. Like real fast! all happened in a blink!. It was like all yesterday I was in my 2nd year. starting to love life as it is. starting to find what’s true.

This blog is two years old now. or almost. or already. I don’t really know. The blog was initially created to fill the hole in my heart.

It was devoted to the broken heart of mine. funny thinking bout it now. but yea. It was initially created for that.

I can see now how I’ve changed. The difference of how I think now and before. and really understand now why our parents loves to tell us that “listen to me.. ibu pun pernah muda jugak dulu..i know how u feel..” or something like it tried to convince
us that they understand. and yea. I know that now. They do understand. It was us that did not. shame on us.

funny how ugly we could be. experience is the best teacher though.

and the blog tag was something like “people always leave..” haha.. but i still do love the quote. It’s like so very true.

People always leave..

no matter what right. They will always leave us. dissapoint us. itu namanya manusia.

manusia has so many weakness.

but yet we are so proud to admit it ourselves. that’s another weakness.

and the blog was initially named silence.. as to illustrate the world I lived in that time. like.. you know..there was no laugh.. no smile.. only silence..

that was kinda exaggerated though.

I don’t really feel it was as bad as that.

I have family and friends. and I did laugh. and I did smile.

It was just that my chest was in so much pain I couldn’t bare.

The blog later was changed to the sparkle of solace..

as it is now.. πŸ™‚

I love that title. Sparkle of Solace.
Can you imagine you are in a really dark road/hole or something like that, it was so dark you can’t barely see anything..
Then you walk and walk.. and find a light.. so far away.. so far for you to get to it..
But that’s the way your legs are going. and you know you are heading the right way.

Its like that. the title. its like that.

so that’s it. the history of my blog.

p/s: salam aidil adha. πŸ™‚


  1. faeez

    keep going liyana! if u see d light, keep heading to dat direction. πŸ™‚
    i know u can. “coz u r a fighter.” (ni aku refer kt biggest loser asia)

    1. Post

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