of life, its purpose and everything in between

do you ever think the purpose of the life that you live in.?
do you ever thought of it.?
do you know what is it.?

we see so many different version of life purposes of people..
some of them give all their heart in arts..
some may have endless searching for true love..
some may want to dominate the world..
some choose to be a poet or a singer or a musician..
some let their heart possessed by money
some loves racing or maybe boxing..

and do you ever realize that most of people will die in the path that they choose.
what do you wanna leave on after you’re gone.?

seeing those people out there who seeking for happiness..
going out every night to have just a glimpse of laugh
racing illegally to satisfy their heart
consume liquor and alcohol to forget all their problems
take drugs just to have some fun
change their partners just to satisfy their lust
but in the end..
they end up with a shattered heart again and again
they live a life of lies
but they just don’t realize
coz they’re blinded that they couldn’t see beyond that.
they end up feeling life meaningless…


how about us.?



  1. anonymous

    dont u think that thats the test they have to endure?
    dont u think it meant to teach us something?
    so that in the end we know what we have done wrong?
    mistake are made to be learned from.

    but yeah. in the end its up to us to decide. which way to take. n bare the risk.
    people may have chosen many ways, musician, arts, racing. but in their way, if they still remember god. iAllah they’ll safe. hhuhu.

    coz when we look at our back and compare that to them, eventually we will know someday that they will meet the time when they shud realize what should they do. its matter of too late or not.
    couples (like urself) can tell ppl thats not the way.
    drinkers yg insaf can show ppl how bad is drinking.
    mat rempit could become valentino rossi.
    even the first blood on earth event that was a mistake is meant to teach us.

    but yeah. there’s only so little we can do.
    coz its their life n they shud pave their own future. regardless what way.
    sometimes we must dare to fail. (for the right reason) as long as we dont deviate from ALlah path. din break His rules.

    what we can do is support them, show them examples of gud life n not ramblings on how wrong they are. coz we arent that right either. 🙂

    even Rasulullah lead by example n not by pointing fingers on mistakes. 🙂

    so, rather than posts like this, why dont u start by happy post that shows how happy ur life now. hehe. nnti people envy n will start asking, how to lead a happy life like u? haa. ka ching~ cheer up ur blog a little. sampai ble nk tulis bende2 serius n emo. hehe. kick it ol’skol~

    1. Post

      anonymous: Thanx for the comments. well, I write the post just to trigger people to think. Sorry if it sounded to you as if I am pointing fingers.. 🙂 Its my mistake maybe as a human.. 🙂

      and well, if it is too serious and emotional for you, im sorry too. Its not that my life is not happy coz Ive never been any happier. 🙂
      Thank you for your time reading it, wrote a long comment and give some interesting suggestions. Syukran. 😉

  2. anak lipas

    saya mahu jadi peninju. macam seronok.
    atau, penyanyi?
    atau, pelukis?
    atau, tukang lipat origami?
    atau, penari?
    atau, doktor gigi?
    atau, doktor cinta?

    ah. baik jadi lipas. tidak mati dipenyek penyapu.

    *malu – gelak sampai batuk*


  3. Joe Ismyl

    The pious must also be thinkers, don’t you think so? if not they can’t be the pious ones….. coz they never get knowledge as they do not think. I am more worried if they are anonymous, as we do not know who or what they are?

    1. Post

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