You and Me

I was on a road path

My heart was a broken piece

My mind was a mess

You were like an angel sent by God

Healed my pain and stitched my heart

Long have you waited for me

A chance was given, a promise was made

I gave you my shattered heart and never walk away

So there we were sharing everything

Hopes and dreams, hates and passion

You never fail to make me smile

Your antics make me laugh

Your care melts me down

I gave you a light; your eyes said it all

Couldn’t be apart, we will left to sought

Words could never explain the love we had

Leave you never, no matter how hard

Holding hands forever side by side

The delusions stared in our eyes we see

I completed your happy pieces you said to me

You taught me love and taught me pain

But nothing’s perfect, and that’s the fact

We didn’t realize what was there that’s lack

The love for you had never fade

How much it hurts I can’t never hate

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